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Nov 13 15

Black Friday – Cyber Monday Hosting Offers

by Christine Gollard

Hey, I just wanted to write a super quick note about the forthcoming Black Friday / Cyber Monday craziness. Tech companies are offering the biggest special discounts the entire year. You shouldn’t miss out.

Black Friday Hosting 2015 is fantastic. This is the moment to buy web hosting or domain names.

Jan 23 15

I’ll be Back

by Christine Gollard

Sorry folks for the lack of posts. Some code behind this site needs reworking (it doesn’t work properly) and I haven’t got a lot of time to do it at the moment. I tried to mirror the blog (from my web host) on my laptop under GNU/Linux and have now only nearly got it running so I can rejig it. Fun, fun!

It isn’t helpful that the kernel that comes as default with Slackware 10 doesn’t support ACPI out of the box. I could load it as a module, but I figure what the hey, I’ll download one of the latest 2.6 series and recompile that. Until then I either have the choice of trashing my Lithium Ion battery by having it on charge all the time, or working until being interrupted suddenly by the power cutting off.

Tried installing a PHP editor, and that needs a new version of the GNU C Library to run. So I’ll have to fix that as well. Damn.

I’ve been making some mad decisions recently. So here’s a thought for your evening; act on your trust in others. Trust is worthless if you only have it in principle, and don’t act on it when it counts. I’ve learnt that all too well now. So, don’t expect too much from this site until I get it fixed up properly.

Aug 22 13

The Role of Web Hosting in Today’s Business World

by Christine Gollard

Web hosting has become an essential part of the business scenario these days. Utilizing this service, the client can make a website employing resources that the host provides, which is the data processed using the host’s servers. The host provides the necessary computing sources for the process. With various service providers, the scope of services varies. Based on how complicated your website is, what exactly is its objective, and several other elements the service might be chargeable but there are also cost-free service providers. What type of service you need from the service provider depends on your necessity.

Through web hosting, you will have an online existence. This way, clients can remotely gain access to your service portfolio and will also get you some business. But you need someone to manage all aspects involved with keeping a website up and running. And that is what hosting services are all about.


The service provider will allot space on the server for your website and will give you the option of upgrading and expanding. The website will be managed by the service provider while you manage your core business and leave the website management part to them. Free hosting is limited in scope, but with paid hosting, you can have whatever you want for a price. And when it comes to selecting a web hosting service, there are simply too many of them and it can get a little overwhelming for anyone who is trying to choose a good service provider. Read more on Wikipedia.

The provider needs to be reliable, have a good connection, great management and a good support network. But before you go out searching for a host, you have to be clear about your requirements first. If you are a small startup company, there is no need for you to go for a paid site, you can register with any of the free hosting services, they’ll be good enough. Afterwards, most companies will need to go on to a paid web hosting, model as a free site will no longer fulfill their specifications. The uptime of the website should be more than 90%, not less than this. This makes your site accessible to the clients all the time. Your site must be easy to navigate and have all the essential characteristics. Secure servers and shopping carts must be there as characteristics if needed. And there must be ample storage to store the data you produce.

May 16 13 Expanding

by Christine Gollard

Mass industry hosting service provider released on Thursday strategies to be able to broaden its business office inside The town of Jacksonville, California, and also seek the services of a hundred brand-new staff, in accordance with a written report from the The town of Jacksonville Enterprise Area. acquired a community license to get a $504, 000 extension inside the Flagler enterprise area. posseses a present 112, 000 square ft . center inside the very same enterprise area.

An additional 18, 000 sq. feet room may house a hundred more staff, claims. In addition, they plan another 20, 000 sq. feet expansion in the next few years.

Jenny Kobin, overseer of buyer contact, said they will hire more than a hundred new employees in 2013. This will increase the total number to nine hundred employees in the The town of Jacksonville location. offers web services, be it small or medium-sized organizations, which includes web hosting, web site design, site creator and also website marketing.

Mass industry and also SMB hosting service provider Go Daddy just released it is raising its hiring attempts inside of Dallaz to back up it is fresh business office in the community to get ready for business this August.